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Driving the truck and trailer

Crosey 18 wheeler driving

This video from 2017 is the truck and trailer being driven.

Driving the truck


 Driving the cab only in garage driveway.

Body disassembly starts


Removal of cab back panel.

Truck as found in junk yard.

Start of the project.

Truck as found in salvage yard.

Test drive 1/2019 after new axles


Test driving  after replacing rear axles, bearings and breaks in January 2019.

1st drive in with the trailer


1st drive of the truck and trailer.

rebuilding and other videos

Chevy 153 engine run test


Testing of the Chevy 153 4 cylinder engine with Alfa Romeo radiator installed

Custom Installation of A/C Compessor


Installation of a Sandon 508 compressor on a 1955 chevy engine bracket modified.

Welding of Cherry Bomb Muffler


Custom exhaust being welded in shop.

Night video of truck with lights at night from 2016


Just returning from Biff Burgers friday night cruise in, St.Petersburg, FL

Crosley as found in salvage yard 2009


The Crolsey as it sat for over 25 years in Middlesex NJ at Absolute salvage yard.

Overview/ update from July of 2013 of the work in progress


Garage in South Philly