This site is about the 1950 Crosley mini 18 wheeler

 located  in Saint Petersburg FLorida.

The photo on the right is from around 1972 . I am in the drivers seat.

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History of this Crosley


The Crosley 1950

 In 1955,  Biago Pinto of Philadelphia PA  with custom truck body builder Robert Giordano,  set out to build this mini 18 wheeler. It would be used for advertising and promotion of the newley formed business. It was utilized until Pinto Trucking Service closed its doors in 1984. The choice for the cab would be a 1950 Crosley CD. The CD's either pick up or station wagon back was removed  and a 1939 Fruehauf 5th wheel added to pull a custom built 12' semi trailer. For better braking, a Hydrovac form a 50's Caddy was added. A 12' round nose trailer was also built.  Fast forward to the late 60's when a 1965 Chevy II  4 cylinder 153 engine and a Muncie 3 speed transmission where installed. In 1972, a MG Midget rear replaced the factory Crosley rear. In 1984 the Crosley was moved to a salvage yard in Middlesex NJ for storage. It eventually was left out in the yard for over 25 years.

I started rebuilding of the Crosley in 2009 and finished most of it by 2016.  All of the systems were either replaced or rebuilt to keep it as it was built in 1955. 

The Bendix Hydrovac unit was rebuilt. I replaced all of the brake lines, hoses, master cylinder and wheel cylinders. The brake drums were serviced with new front wheel bearings and seals. New brake linings were installed. The gas tank was removed and cleaned and sealed. The enging was taken apart and found to be in perfect condition. The oil pan, seals and gaskets were replaced.  It has a vented hot rod gas cap. The carburator and fuel pump were replaced. The radiator is a rebuilt unit form a 1960 Alfa Romeo. It was modified to use the Chevy hoses and radiator cap.

I  has a 21 circuit GM wire harness with new tail lights and rebuilt front markers and headlights. It has a one wire 80 amp alternator. in 2016, I installed a air conditioning system using a Sandon 508 compressor. The condenser and receiver/dryer are mounted on the rear of the cab. Recently the prop shaft was rebuilt with new Chevy and MG joints. The 2 seats have been rebuilt and recovered with the same roll  pressed pleated material as the origional. In January of 2019, 1 axle snapped on the  

MG rear end. It required 1 new axel , both side bearing and seals. I removed the pumpkin and replace the gasket.  I have 1 spare axle hardened axel.

The trailer has vacuum brakes the are disconnect as the main shaft is frozen on the trailer. I would recommend changing to electric trailer brakes. There is a wire in the harness in the rear for them already. The frame was blasted and painted in 2016 and the wood floor replaced. The side door plywood was also replaced. All of the lights were rebuilt with new bulb sockets. The front harness plug was replaced.

All of the tires on the trailer are old but have new tubes in them.

The Crosley has 8 new tires and tubes. 2  are old tires. The trailer still has the hand lettered "Pinto" logo and art work on it. It has nice patina as I only cleaned it. I did NOT put clear coat on it. The roof ribs were removed and painted.

When I rebuilt this truck, I left the patina under the new primer and paint. I wanted it to still look old. The signs on the doors are magnetic and the front are removable sticker.

The floor in the cab had new rear pans welded in and new metal welded to the old floors. The trans cover is removable. It has a new 3 speed 1970's era Sparkomatic shifter. The windhiled glass and side glass have been replaced as well as the front windshiled seal. The passanger door glass has a crack in the lower front corner. This was a common problem with there cars.

I drive the truck 2 to 3 time a week to local crusie ins. I do not  use the trailer very often as the brakes need updating.  It can be driven with the trialer at slower speeds only.

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Crosley 18 wheeler mini custom

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